Welcome to moviemusic.com, which is an official KRG Kreative Studio initiation by Karshni Raj Gupta. In the MovieMusiK & KRG Kreative Studio, it's all about Music & Movies. Karshni Raj Gupta is a musician & film devotee, mostly focuses on the acoustic elements and the initial purity of the music when it is composed & try to bring that essence through re-arrangement and compositions.


On this website, you’ll find a variety of Music & Movie related posts, Musicians tools, tips & tricks, Song structure explanations, new releases, news, gossips, reviews, and a lot more.  MovieMusiK website & KRG Kreative studio is formed by Karshni Raj Gupta and its Kolkata, INDIA based. Karshni have experiences from Latin Music, Flamenco European Music to Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Metal Core, Bollywood and Indian classical as well. Also, we are deeply influenced by Greek music and the use of time signatures in their music. Linking up between old school music, Opera, Western Classical, World music, Indian Classical, Percussive Guitar music and Modern Bollywood improvisation, etc is what Karshni tries to bring with his music, voice, and instruments. It is a new initiative, We really need your support and blessings.


The true intention to create this website is to help new fellow musicians & music learners and also to help everyone with the latest film and music-related news, releases information, so that you can stay up to date with the knowledge about what is currently going on in the industry, MovieMusik is your one-stop learning & entertainment zone. 

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